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Peromyscus leucopus is the white-footed deermouse. It's the cutest thing I learned about during years of working in infectious diseases - you can imagine cute is thin on the ground in that field - a reservoir for Lyme disease but otherwise just a furry little cutie minding its own business. I don't work in infectious disease anymore but the mousie deserves its moment of fame. 

So I chose it as my user name. There's nothing else about white-footed deermice on the site.

This site is an adjunct to my blog, also called Peromyscus. At the blog, I talk about the things that interest me; music, writing, reading, and getting angry at things I can't change. Some of these are ephemera, of the kind that fit well on a blog. Some of them are more substantial. But blogs are insubstantial. Things go off the front page and become yesterday's news. I'll put some of the substantial ones here as well as leaving them on the blog. You can go back to the blog to comment; even yesterday's news has live comments enabled.


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